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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We handle all household appliances, from fridges and freezers to washing machines and dryers, ensuring safe and responsible disposal.
We focus on environmentally friendly methods, either recycling or donating usable mattresses and ensuring proper disposal for worn-out ones.
Our team takes great care to avoid damaging your floors during carpet removal. To safely extract the carpet, we utilize specialized equipment and methods that do not damage the floor beneath.

Yes, we can remove furniture from any floor, whether a ground-level residence or a high-rise apartment. Everyone on our staff has the necessary equipment to cross elevators and stairs easily.

Appliances containing hazardous materials, like refrigerators with Freon, are handled according to environmental regulations. We ensure safe and compliant disposal or recycling.

Yes, we can remove hot tubs integrated into decks or patios. Our team will assess the structure and devise a removal plan that minimizes damage to the surrounding area.

Yes, our tile removal services include both wall and floor tiles. We carefully remove tiles to prevent damage to the underlying surfaces.
Yes, in addition to plant-based yard waste, we can dismantle and remove garden structures like sheds and gazebos, ensuring safe and thorough disposal.