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Mattress Removal
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Professional Mattress Removal Services in Chandler AZ

Chandler Junk Removal Service has proudly established itself as the gold standard for professional mattress removal services in Chandler AZ. When you select us as your partner, you’re not only simplifying the often burdensome process of mattress removal but also making a conscientious choice that positively impacts both your immediate surroundings and the broader environment. Our dedication is to sustainability and the welfare of the community, not just convenience. We understand the implications of improper mattress disposal, which often leads to these bulky items occupying precious space in landfills and contributing to environmental degradation. We’ve adopted a comprehensive approach to prioritizing responsible mattress disposal. Our process involves meticulous recycling and donations of mattresses whenever possible.

Professional and Customized Care

We know how busy you are and that you don’t want mattress removal to interfere with your daily schedule. That’s why we prioritize minimal disruption with our efficient and discreet service. Our crew works quickly and silently to ensure no problems throughout the removal procedure. We respect your time and space, leaving you with the peace of mind that your mattress will be gone without causing unnecessary interruptions. Consistency is a hallmark of our approach. Whether it’s your first time using our services or you’re a repeat customer, you can expect the same level of professionalism, care, and dedication. We aim to deliver an outstanding experience and earn your complete satisfaction with our mattress removal service. When removing your mattress, we prioritize responsible handling to avoid damaging your property. Our team takes great care when navigating through your space, ensuring that no walls, floors, or other belongings are harmed during the process.

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Why Choose Us

Health and Safety

Our team is trained to handle all tasks with utmost care to ensure that neither your property nor anyone involved is at risk. We prioritize safety for our team and our valued customers, creating a secure environment from start to finish.


Booking with us is straightforward and hassle-free. We are readily available to you via several contact methods and are always happy to help with any queries or issues.


For mattress removal, having the right tools ensures speed and security. At Chandler Junk Removal Service, we invest in top-notch equipment. Our tools are tailored to the job, from handling heavy mattresses to navigating tight spaces.